Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back-In-The-Day Thurdsday!

So, every Thursday I want to do a "Back-In-The-Day" picture!
Just to re-live the
This was our very first outing together. We had only been dating for a less than a month and I had told him I loved Sea World. And as most new boyfriends would do, he took me to Sea World thinking maybe, just maybe I would like him more. I was 18 and he, 20.

I thought of this picture because just the other day we had went out to lunch and as we were eating, a Mariah Carey song came on and I said,
"Do you remember when you took me to Sea World and I sang the ENTIRE Mariah Carey CD?"
He laughed.
He said, "Of course I remember. I said to myself, 

'I better get used to this, because I'm going to marry this girl'"

Well that just made me fall in love with him all over again!  I never knew that! 
You see, I was testing him; I brought with me my Mariah Carey CD, popped it into his "manly truck" CD player and sang EVERY song on the CD. I even hummed and made up words to the songs I didn't know. Little did I know that I was going to sing to him everyday from that day on. But, according to him, he knew all along. God brought us together and it is only through HIM that we stay together.

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