Sunday, March 25, 2012

Finally! Some boy stuff...

I know I haven't blogged lately, but hey, I'm 39 weeks pregnant and my life has been crazy busy, with weddings, showers, orders and of course, my ever-protruding belly!

As many of you know, I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter and I LOVE, LOVE making her clothes and hair pieces and anything girly!

Now that I am having a boy, I feel like I'm in a rut! What am I supposed to make for my son who will be entering into this world in a week???!!
For starters, I know I needed a wipe case, a "boyish" diaper pouch to hold my wipe case and diapers, and a few caps to cover his newborn head. So brain-stormin' I did! 

First I thought of him being born, the hospital always puts on those ugly knit caps (the blue and pink striped) to cover that precious little head.
 And I knew right away, I didn't want him wearing those. 

I figured I would like him to wear something personalized and cute, but I needed some knit cotton fabric. Since I don't work with a lot of knit cotton, I didn't have any on hand! So I went looking through my closet and found an old  grey Banana Republic Dress that I could cut up! I'm not going to wear it again anyways. Besides, I have a picture of me wearing it and that'll do just fine. :) I also grabbed a black T-shirt I had found in one of my drawers! Score!
So here is what I made for my little man. 
 Aren't these darling?! Now he can wear one of these knit caps instead of those hospital ones. My husband's favorite is the #swag. He's a #twitterjunkie.

On to the next two things: A wipe case and diaper pouch. hmmm I've done some boy wipe cases in the past for my customers. 
Like this:

and this:

and this: 

and many more.
But I know I wanted something different and unique. 
I came across a wipe case online that had the look of a "man's shirt". I said, "how cute is that? and how much better would it be if I were to use one of Mike's old shirt??" So I asked him if he had a an old collared shirt I can cut up and make something for JJ. 
He gave me this one

I have a picture of him wearing it anyways. hehe

So I cut it up, left the buttons intact, used the collar and ta-da!

I love it!
Now what I am going to do with the rest of this cut-up shirt? A matching diaper pouch!
 I even left the front pockets on when I cut it and they're still functional!

I boxed the bottom so it could stand up and it fits my wipe case, diapers and the changing pad. 
I am so pleased with it!

All in all, the 3 things that I have made him have all been FREE with some old clothes. And that really makes me happy! 
Can't wait for your arrival my sweet Jalen Jared! 
P.s. Here is a picture of me that was just taken yesterday. 39 weeks. You can't tell that it looks like a basketball, but you can see how low I am. He's dropped and we're ready to roll!