Friday, January 21, 2011

Confessions of a mommy...THIS mommy

{I let milk dribble from the bottle on my bed... and I won't wash my sheets right away}

{My 15 month old still sleeps in our bed}

{I will keep giving her cookies until I'm finished with a blog}

{I let her play with all of my lotions and make-up to keep her quiet}

{I ignore her when I know she is fake-whining}

{I like to bite her feet, even if they had been walking all over the place}

{I am almost too consumed in her bowel movements...she has chronic constipation}

{I've taken showers at 3pm many times}

{I let her watch Nick Jr. even though "they" say kids shouldn't watch TV until they're 2}

{If she is playing nice by herself, I'll sneak around so she won't see me}

{She can practically have and do anything when I need to complete orders}

{I....still...........nurse her}


{I love her and I love being her mommy}

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