Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wreath and Candle Make-over

So I have this mirror in my dining area and absolutely love it! I had always wanted a big mirror and found this one at Tai Pan Trading for only $100! (I love that store)
For the past two Christmas’ (I’ve had it for about 2 years), I always put my Christmas wreath hanging from it, like so:

Every time Christmas is over, I’m so sad to take down my wreath because of how empty my mirror looks.

So I decided to make my own “year-around” wreath.
I used:
·        Wreath (bought at Michaels) $3
·        Different strips of fabric
·        Hot glue gun
·        Vintage buttons
·        Satin ribbon (to hang)

I made my rosettes as usual (I use and sell these on my page as head-pieces, found here: Girly Girl Bows & More ).

I used browns, creams, 2 different greens and a couple orange/peach rosettes to match the d├ęcor in my home.

Placed them on the wreath so I know how it’ll look.
 I added some vintage brass brads to a couple of them.

Tied the satin ribbon up on top (sorry, no picture) and voila, my hanging “year-around” wreath on my mirror.

Just what my mirror needed!

I also have these two candle holders and candles that I got at Kirklands Home; they are on the sides of my mirror.

I wanted a little pizzazz and decided hey, why not dress up the candle?
Of course, only dress up the candle if you’re not planning on using it! hehe
I got a piece of brown fabric (the same fabric I used for the rosettes), tied it in the middle and wrapped it around the candle. You can use ribbon if you want, I just used the fabric because it was right there on the table!
Then I added a vintage button right in the middle! Easy Peasy! Love it.

Very simple, very easy, very cute!
My husband saw it and said “Has these always there?”
Me: What? The candles and candle holders?
Husband: Ya, did you just put those up?
Me: Uhhh, no, you did. You put those up when we got the mirror. (irritated voice)
Husband: I’m trippin, I just noticed them.
Me: I think it’s because of my dressed up candle.
Husband: Yea, it makes a big difference
Hahahaha. Ya, sure it does babe! Men sometimes!! (rolling my eyes) hahaha
Well, hope you liked it! Now, go, dress up those candles and make a wreath!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Look what I made

It's late and I'm tired but I wanted to post this picture of what I made today. I make everything for my daughter but I  loved how "mature" and grown-up this piece is, I'm just gonna have to make it for myself as well. 
It is my new fabric flowers. 
I love coming up with new ways to make head-pieces and I love how this came out. I'm thinking I might add a lil somethin' somethin' to it but not too sure right now. 
I'm not selling this piece YET on my FB page but will have an album going with different fabric flowers that will be available for purchase.
Brookynn will sport this piece tomorrow and I will take pictures to post! Goodnight. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back-In-The-Day Thursday: Like Mother like Daughter II

"Like Mother Like Daughter"
This saying is true in more ways than one, hence the "part 2".
The twin and I, in the most well known case to all mom's: "Lipstick Baby".
It's funny and amazing when a baby knows all to well, how to put on lipstick. 
Yes, the baby with the most lipstick on her face is me... guilty.
 And here is Sweet Baby B when she got a hold of my lipstick bag. Yes, I said "lipstick bag", not make-up bag, but my bag where I have all of my lipsticks. Brooklynn LOVES this bag. She puts on lipstick every time she can get her hands on one, but this time I was able to capture some pictures.

These are not by far, the greatest of  pictures, (I should've gave her the red lipstick , lol)

 Going through Mommy's lipstick bag....hmmm, what to put on next
 I told her to "tell mommy thank  you for letting you put on lipstick". This is how she "signs" thank you. We haven't got to the part where she takes her hand off her chin; but we're getting there!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Just wanted to post some updated pictures of my Sweet Baby Angel Cakes. 

I promise, this was a clean, dry diaper! She's got buns!
 Sunday, the day before Valentine's Day.
 Yes, her hair is so long I can french braid it. Yes, she is ONLY 15 months old.
 Look at this adorable smile! And she is wearing the beanie I crocheted for her! Darling.
 Close up of the beanie.
She is getting sooo big, it's time for another one!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Gifts

So, my husband I and are celebrating V-Day tonight because he is working on Monday. 
I already gave him the first part of his gift - a picture of me! lol

From my previous post, I mentioned I took some pics for my hub-love for V-day. I did it in sports theme because he loves sports, baseball especially! So I wore my Dodgers jersey, some panties and some sexy heels! I even wore his hat! He about nearly died! lol. All you wives out there, you NEED to do this, it was soo  much fun and your husband will love it!!
I'm  posting some head shots  (husband saw some different ones, if  you know what I mean) so you can see what some of them looked like. My make up was done by the wonderful Melissa Ayala - this is her blog:, my hair done by her friend, Vic, and photography by Derrick Yazzie :

This one here was a full-body shot but decided to crop it for this post. :)

 Have a Happy Valentines Day! I know I will. ;)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making a Centerpiece

So, from my earlier posts', I showed you guys what I made at MOPS with the vase and candle holder. 
I showed it to my sister, Lauren, and suggested we make something like that for the centerpieces at her wedding. She loved the idea! 
Here colors are lavender and silver (elegant right?) and of course, we have to have a little bling! 
We did a "practice" centerpiece and look how it came out! Beautiful!

She wants to use different shapes of vases, but they will all have this type of look and design.
 We used satin lavender and silver, used some lace and a ribbon slide. We even put some rhinestones down the seam, looks like buttons down a wedding gown doesn't it? Ok, maybe not, because the buttons are mainly white but that was what it reminded me of. 

 Her wedding is going to be gorgeous, and with my help, double gorgeous! lol

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where Have I been??

Has it really been a whole week since the last time I blogged? Sheesh!
Let's just say these past days have been something else!
Over the weekend, I did a photo shoot as a valentine's gift to my husband. I got my hair, make-up and nails done by a fabulous group of people; and strutted my stuff! (I didn't show all my goodies, but hey, it was for my husband). I took a couple of head shots that I will post up when I get them. That was fun!

I do have some very sad news: Yesterday, my Lola (Grandma in Tagalog) passed away.
She was the grandma that would always, always watch us.
I remember going to "Lola and Lolo's house" ALL the time and
spending the night,
swimming in their pool,
having pool parties,
eating meat and rice for breakfast,
jumping on the bed,
running in the house (even when weren't allowed to)
going to the "asian" markets
eating fried plantains
eating lupia's and Philippine food
looking at ALL her jewelry
trying on ALL her jewelry
putting on her translucent powder (lol) 
putting on her perfume
and snuggling up with her. (She ALWAYS smelled like White Diamonds)
What really got to me was, she never even got to meet Brooklynn. She was taken to the hospital while I was  pregnant and was never able to communicate after that. I did bring Brooklynn one time, but was advised by the nurses that she couldn't be in there due to the sick/illness.
I love you Lola. You will be missed.

Check out my DOTW (Deal of the Week) at my page: Girly Girl Bows & More . All the proceeds from this weeks sales will be given to the arrangements of my Lola's funeral. You will also receive a FREE small LOVE bow.
Well gotta go, B just woke up from her 2 hour nap! I've missed her! Blessings.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

Another successful morning at MOPS!!
And we did another craft! 
We were given a vase, a candle holder some ribbon, and voila... here it is!

I cheated a little, I took it home and used some of my own aqua ribbon and lace,  but look how pretty it came out!
I decided to decorate it aqua and brown because my guest bathroom are those colors.

I love it and couldn't have done it without MOPS. Here's a shout out to all my ladies! lol - Leah, Vivian, Arlene, Stephanie, Heather, Laura, and Erica!  See you next week!