Meet Wife.Momma

Some of  you who are reading this may already know our "Love Story"; but I'm going to tell it again to those who are reading this for the first time. :) 
Mikey (my hub love) and I met physically at our church, Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, on July 16th 2006.
It all started when a junior (him) at Ontario High School saw a freshman (me) and said, "wow". ---Now, let me tell you, I am twin and I had questioned him whether or not he said "wow" to me or Kimie. haha. He swears it was for me, I believe him.---

This shy boy didn't  have the gusto to come up to me and introduce himself, soooo that year went by. 
As his senior year approached he said to himself, this is my last year, I gotta go up to her and at least say hi. Days went by, he would stand behind me at the lunch line, eat lunch just a few feet away from me, but... no "hi". 
Even if I do go up to her, what is she going to say? I mean, look at her, she's way outta my league was his thought.
GRADUATION came for him and again he thought it's too late. I never said what I wanted to say to her. I'll never see her again. ---Picture him on graduation day with Michael Jackson's song playing in his head, "She's outta my liiiifee, she's out of my liife". (that's kind of mean, but funny)---
So now you kind of have a background: He had a crush on me since my freshman year in High School and I never even knew him.
Some day during the next year, I get a message in my my-space (we didn't have Facebook back then) from a "Kanyeze Fan". ??? (A Kanye West fan).
Who's this??
I opened the message, it went a little something like this: Hi, you don't know me, but my name is Miguel Vazquez (but you can call me Mike, my friends and family call me Mike). We went to the same high school and I always wanted to meet you...
That's pretty much how it all started. Something in his message intrigued me and well, I sent a message right back. We messaged it each other everyday. It was mostly small-talk, in this case, small-message and it was mostly about our day and what not. And then... it stopped. I had stopped it. (in short, he had a GF and it just didn't feel right)
I had went off to CCBible College in Murrieta for a semester, which is 3 months and came back during summer break.
During my summer beak, I get message from... yes, Kanyeze Fan. It said something along the lines of :
I saw  you. I saw  you at church. I've actually started to go to the same church. Maybe we can meet one day.
Mike and his best friend had been attending a smaller church (I forgot where) and was actually told by someone else to go check out Calvary Chapel Chino Valley. 
Again, something about him made me want to write back and tell him that I was going to be at church that Sunday night; we could meet after! 
Sunday night came, (I made sure I looked cute) and was nervously waiting for our "meeting". As service was over, everyone started to walk out and I stayed in the back of the pews chatting with some girlfriends. I looked around and that was when I saw him; he was walking  up the aisle heading to go outside and we immediately caught each others eyes. I recognized him right away, after all, I looked at  his pictures he had up on his myspace. 
We hugged, said "nice to meet you" and laughed, smiled and made small-talk. It's finally nice to meet  you we both thought. I had to find out if still had that GF of his, and fortunately, he didn't. Yes! 

We met the 16th of July, 2006 and have been together EVERYDAY since then. 

I obviously didn't end up going back to Bible College after the summer had ended. How could I? I had fallen in love this guy. 

We were engaged Dec 31, 2007.

We were married May 9, 2008.

Pregnant February 2009.

And welcomed our beautiful Baby Girl October 19, 2009.

That is our Love Story. Long, I know, but that is what makes it special.
Oh yes, and Mikey TO THIS DAY, will still say, Man! I can't believe  you're my wife! My wife! And I thought I didn't have a chance with you. My wife, and the mother of my child. Thank you Jesus! 
Ya, I'm still crushin' on him. :)