Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back-In-The-Day Thursay; Like Mother like Daughter

Today is Thursday, so it's time for a back-in-the-day picture! 
Kimie and I at 19 months old, destroying playing with toilet paper.
As many mothers know, when  your child is quiet, too quiet, they're  up to something. And that "something" is usually no good. 
I have to be on the computer almost half of the day, sometimes more, checking e-mails, ordering, writing down orders that people send in to me and then making the orders. It was quiet and at first I heard the toys making noise, singing and doing what all toys for 1 yr olds do.  Then... nothing... hmmm... where is she? She had traveled her way to the bathroom and this is what I found.

I just laughed and picked it all up. I have a little secret, I actually don't mind when Brooklynn makes a mess. Yes, it's a lot of clean up for me, but I don't mind the chaos, mess, and destruction that comes along with a 1 yr old. I let her take out all my Tupperware and once I put it all back, I let her do it again. She goes through the "bag" drawer and takes out the sandwich bags, storage bags and freezer bags and leaves them all  on the kitchen floor. I think of it as exploring and having fun. She loves to drop her crayons all over the floor, and if you were to look in her bag of crayons, there are so many broken pieces from us stepping on them. haha. So, I had to show a picture when Kimie and I were 19 months old, playing around with toilet paper and Brooklynn doing the same thing. Fun, fun, fun.

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