Sunday, April 10, 2011

What a month!!

It’s been quite a while since the last time I blogged. My life the past few weeks have been chaotic, busy and full of energy!
I finally  have some time to sit and write for my blog! Whew!
Brooklynn is as cute as ever and I’m lovin’ life right now with her!

So much has gone on, so let’s get on with it! This is probably going to be the longest blog yet! I’ll try to keep it simple.
My twin sissy, Kimie, had came over during her vacation and we got a little crafty!
She wanted to re-vamp her boring old cork-board, and I wanted to make a “believe” stand out of wooden letters for my kitchen. So I said, “Let’s spray paint together!”
We got out the spray paint and went to town!

Here are our finished projects! Not too bad for a 2 hour window (we had to do when Baby girl was asleep)!

We had birthday parties in the action too!
Sweet Christian turned 5 years old!

Brooklynn watched the kids as they played games.

She tore up the cookie she got at the birthday party. I say hey, it’s a birthday party, a little sugar won’t hurt! Nap-time did take a little longer though!

Sweet Camille turned 1! Yay! Her birthday was “Alice in Wonderland” inspired, but her momma is so creative she named it “Camille in ONEderland”

So cute! Everything was decorated and full of spice! Her momma was thinking about this for months!
Their dessert bar was none like I have ever seen! I grabbed one (or two) of everything! Haha

Brooklynn was too nervous to hit the piñata.

They had a park outside of the venue so Daddy and Baby were playing for a little bit.

My loves.

Sweet Baby Micah turned 1 too! I didn't take any pics because I left my camera in the car! booo
 I’ve known his momma since grade school! I love her!
 His was “LA Dodger” theme and everybody had Dodger gear on! (except for us, because of the previous party we went to that day).  Busy day, but all worth it!

The majority of my weeks have been busy because I was getting ready for two boutiques I have scheduled.  I am in MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) with Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and we had a “Talent and Boutique show”. So I showcased my “pretty’s” and it was a great success!

Our home is so crowded and full, I decided to do a little re-decorating.

For a while, Brooklynn’s room was just a play-room because her crib was in our room. Now it is still a playroom but her crib is OUT of our room and back into her room. (BUT, she still does NOT sleep in it) oh well, next baby! I just had re-arrange some things and ta-da! Mission completed.

Our living room was just packed full of her toys, an un-used leather bench and her pack-in-play! 
Come on! We don’t even use that thing! So we took all of the “mess” on the sides of the TV and bought some bookcases.
Much better!

My MOPS table had on a night out, just our table, no kids and we decided to have a “fondue” night. It was probably the best idea ever!! We dipped rice krispies, strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, cheesecake bits into milk and white chocolate! So delicious and decadent!!

My baby brother tuned 17 years old April 6th!! Ahhh, when did this happen? We are 7 years apart and even though he is now 17 years old, he is still my “baby”.

I let Brooklynn play outside and she came and brought me a plastic cup and signed for water. (I’ve been teaching her sign language since an infant – it’s helped tremendously!)
Well, this is how I found her.

Gotta  accept it and love it!

And last but definitely not least, my ever so crafty wooden birdhouses!! Yaya!

These little birdhouses were $1 at Jo-ann and I had to get my hands of them! So, I grabbed 11. Yes, 11!
I knew I could do something to them and give them to my sweet ladies at MOPS. I wanted it to have to do with something “spring-y” and “easter-y” at the same time. This is what I came up with!
Cute right?
ANYBODY can do this!
You’ll need:
·         Birdhouse
·         Acrylic paint- I used 4 different colors (pink, yellow, green and purple)
·         Felt
·         Rhinestones
·         Toothpicks
·         Ribbon
·         Fabri-tac or a glue gun (I used both)
I don’t have pictures for a tutorial but it really is super easy by just looking at the finished project.
Paint the wooden birdhouse, I trimmed it with white so it has nice “house” look.
Cut the felt into rectangles and glue 3 together. You’ll have that “shingle” look on the roof once you glue it on. I LOVE that look!

Cut out flowers out of your felt (I had to make 33 of these little things but it was worth it) It’s easier to draw a flower on the felt and cut it out, just use the back side so you don’t see the ink.

Make a bow out of your ribbon. Place everything onto the dry birdhouse. Place rhinestones in the middle of the flowers, paint on the stems, glue on the bow and shingles and ta-da! You have a one-of-a –kind beautiful birdhouse. Perfect for Spring/Easter decorations. I printed out little signs that read “He is Risen Luke 24:6” to give it that Easter feel. Jesus IS the reason why we celebrate Easter. NOT the Easter bunny!

I’m pretty sure my ladies will love it and if you make one, you’ll love it too!
I’m thinking my blog post should end now so too-da-loo! Happy Easter! Jesus loves you!

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