Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sewing Projects

I have this sewing machine that I love! Only because it makes the best things ever! Ok, ok, I make the best things ever with the sewing machine's help. I provide the know-how and the sewing machine provides pretty much everything else.
My daddy bought it for my mom years ago and it was never really put to good use. My mom gave it to me last year when I told her I wanted to learn how to sew; it's been making great things ever since! 
(my stuff is not all "great" but I'm happy with them)
On to what I have made in the past couple of days! 
I made 3 different projects and I only have links to 2 of them. I made my tote bag out of memory so I don't have a tutorial for that. But again, if anyone is interested, I can make another bag and make sure I snap a lot of pictures for an awesome tutorial!
People out there are just so crafty and they share their tutorials with people like me who is also crafty but not always up for making a tutorial! God Bless those people.
First, my wild tote bag! I did make a leopard one that I have shown in an earlier post but I think this one is much better!
The neat thing about totes is the fact that you can pretty much do anything you want! You can add sooo much stuff to help spruce it up, you can choose different fabrics, different embellishments,  I mean, the possibilities are endless!

Here is my tote bag I made for my sweet girl. Perfect for 2 diapers, wipe case, sippy cup, extra pair of clothes and snack bowl. Love.
I made the front with ruffled tulle (sorry, no tutorial on that- but I can do one if anyone is interested), 2 sizes of ribbons, a silk flower adorned with pearls and 2 little ribbons to act as leaves.
This tote is actually reversible. I have sewn the handles in-between the two fabrics so I am able to reverse if I wanted to. The thing is, I only decorated the zebra side so I probably will not be using the reversible method. But you can! 
This tote is soo super easy to make. Less than 1 hour!

On to the next one!

Fabric flower. I know, I know, there are so many tutorials for fabric flowers but this one is soo easy-peasy!
I, of course, dazzled it up a bit, with tulle, pearls and 2 satin ribbons acting as leaves. 
If you don't like the frayed look of the fabric, then this flower is not for you. Sorry. I really like it actually. 
Here is the link for this fabric flower tutorial : Girl.Inspired Frayed Flower

Lastly, my most favorite of them all... my very first, very proud, HOOTER HIDER! Aka, nursing cover. 

I am always in awe of those people that make nursing covers. It just seems too hard to do! You have to get the boning, then the D-rings and make sure it's even, and everything else that goes along with making a nursing cover.
My best friend lives in Hawaii and she is preggo with her 2nd child, first baby girl and was in need of a new girly nursing cover. Well, I just couldn't let her down, I just HAD to try my hand at making one! And voila! A beautiful nursing cover. I couldn't be any more proud of my nursing cover! It's my first one ever, and definitely not the last! I promise you that! 

I'm going to make her the matching diaper caddy (it can hold 2-3 diapers and your wipe case), a wipe case, burp cloths and even a fabric flower head-piece using this fabric! It's going to darling! I'll make sure to post some pics.!
The nursing cover link:Sew Much Ado Nursing Cover

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