Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Celebrations

This past week was filled with Eater festivities!

This year was Brooklynn’s 1st Easter where she was able to enjoy all the “fun” that comes along with this celebration. Last year she was just a wee little thing, but as cute as ever! 

Our family picture last year. 

 She has changed soo much!

Our first Easter festivity was on Tuesday with my MOPS group. We had an Easter egg hunt at Shady Grove Park in Chino. 

This was her very first egg hunt. It was darling to see her reach down and pick up an egg real slowly while all the other kids rushed past her grabbing every egg in sight!

My mom joined us, we are always happy to have Grandma around! 

My hunni couldn’t come so I had my mom record the whole thing for him. He was soo appreciative when he watched it. (As any daddy would if he missed his baby’s first egg hunt)

It was great morning, watching Baby B, and seeing all my MOPS girlfriends and their sweet kids!

The following day, I had another Easter celebration with my Mommy and Me group. It’s a bunch of us mom’s from my church (Calvary Chapel Chino Valley) that get together and celebrate every holiday. I love these ladies!! 

We met at Cypress Trails Park in Chino and had a blast! My sweet girl painted a white cross (with 90% of my help) and we were able to drap it with a purple cloth.

It was soo creative and a great way to remind us of the real reason of Easter. Jesus resurrection and how we serve a RISEN LORD.

Of course, there was an egg hunt and she was only fast enough to grab about 7 but one of the mom’s grabbed some of her daughters eggs and threw them on the grass just so baby girl could pick them up. Thank you! 

 She was having a conversation...haha

On Friday, our church had a Good Friday service and it was aweeessoommee!! We had cardboard testimonies, which is when a person comes out and without saying anything, holds up a cardboard with a few words stating what they were before they came to Christ, then flips it around and it’ll say a praise to God and how He changed their life. It was so moving and amazing to see how God changes people. Here is the link, if you would like to see the cardboard testimonies: Cardboard Testimonies CCCV

Sunday, the day we celebrated our Risen Lord, was soo great! My in-laws (who are not saved) came to church and my husband couldn’t have been happier! They attended the Spanish ministry and they were able to hear the Word of God! A seed was planted and we’ll just keep praying!

We took a couple of pictures outside on the church grounds.

 Our Family Easter picture 2011.

My twin sissy and I with sweet Baby Girl.

My dad (Lolo) and Baby

My sweet girl wearing the skirt I made for her (the night before to be exact!)

Isn’t it darling? I used this tutorial: market Skirt It took me about 2 hours but it was so worth it. She looked too cute for words. I added an apron so it was more like her Apron Skirt from Persnickety. 

More skirts to come!

Later that day, we went to my Grandma and Grandpa’s house all the way in East L.A.! Whew! I took a nap on the way. Hehe

Here are some pics of sweet angel. This was her 3rd egg hunt! Lucky little girl. Or should I say lucky momma, I get to have all the candy. *smile*

 Hope you all had a Happy Resurrection Day! 
He is Risen... Luke 24:6

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