Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Gifts

So, my husband I and are celebrating V-Day tonight because he is working on Monday. 
I already gave him the first part of his gift - a picture of me! lol

From my previous post, I mentioned I took some pics for my hub-love for V-day. I did it in sports theme because he loves sports, baseball especially! So I wore my Dodgers jersey, some panties and some sexy heels! I even wore his hat! He about nearly died! lol. All you wives out there, you NEED to do this, it was soo  much fun and your husband will love it!!
I'm  posting some head shots  (husband saw some different ones, if  you know what I mean) so you can see what some of them looked like. My make up was done by the wonderful Melissa Ayala - this is her blog:, my hair done by her friend, Vic, and photography by Derrick Yazzie :

This one here was a full-body shot but decided to crop it for this post. :)

 Have a Happy Valentines Day! I know I will. ;)


  1. you look gorgeous! and your hair is amazing!! hope he LOVED your gift!

  2. Looking gorgeous, I love the second with your hair puffed. My fave!