Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back-In-The-Day Thursday: Like Mother like Daughter II

"Like Mother Like Daughter"
This saying is true in more ways than one, hence the "part 2".
The twin and I, in the most well known case to all mom's: "Lipstick Baby".
It's funny and amazing when a baby knows all to well, how to put on lipstick. 
Yes, the baby with the most lipstick on her face is me... guilty.
 And here is Sweet Baby B when she got a hold of my lipstick bag. Yes, I said "lipstick bag", not make-up bag, but my bag where I have all of my lipsticks. Brooklynn LOVES this bag. She puts on lipstick every time she can get her hands on one, but this time I was able to capture some pictures.

These are not by far, the greatest of  pictures, (I should've gave her the red lipstick , lol)

 Going through Mommy's lipstick bag....hmmm, what to put on next
 I told her to "tell mommy thank  you for letting you put on lipstick". This is how she "signs" thank you. We haven't got to the part where she takes her hand off her chin; but we're getting there!

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