Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making a Centerpiece

So, from my earlier posts', I showed you guys what I made at MOPS with the vase and candle holder. 
I showed it to my sister, Lauren, and suggested we make something like that for the centerpieces at her wedding. She loved the idea! 
Here colors are lavender and silver (elegant right?) and of course, we have to have a little bling! 
We did a "practice" centerpiece and look how it came out! Beautiful!

She wants to use different shapes of vases, but they will all have this type of look and design.
 We used satin lavender and silver, used some lace and a ribbon slide. We even put some rhinestones down the seam, looks like buttons down a wedding gown doesn't it? Ok, maybe not, because the buttons are mainly white but that was what it reminded me of. 

 Her wedding is going to be gorgeous, and with my help, double gorgeous! lol

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