Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where Have I been??

Has it really been a whole week since the last time I blogged? Sheesh!
Let's just say these past days have been something else!
Over the weekend, I did a photo shoot as a valentine's gift to my husband. I got my hair, make-up and nails done by a fabulous group of people; and strutted my stuff! (I didn't show all my goodies, but hey, it was for my husband). I took a couple of head shots that I will post up when I get them. That was fun!

I do have some very sad news: Yesterday, my Lola (Grandma in Tagalog) passed away.
She was the grandma that would always, always watch us.
I remember going to "Lola and Lolo's house" ALL the time and
spending the night,
swimming in their pool,
having pool parties,
eating meat and rice for breakfast,
jumping on the bed,
running in the house (even when weren't allowed to)
going to the "asian" markets
eating fried plantains
eating lupia's and Philippine food
looking at ALL her jewelry
trying on ALL her jewelry
putting on her translucent powder (lol) 
putting on her perfume
and snuggling up with her. (She ALWAYS smelled like White Diamonds)
What really got to me was, she never even got to meet Brooklynn. She was taken to the hospital while I was  pregnant and was never able to communicate after that. I did bring Brooklynn one time, but was advised by the nurses that she couldn't be in there due to the sick/illness.
I love you Lola. You will be missed.

Check out my DOTW (Deal of the Week) at my page: Girly Girl Bows & More . All the proceeds from this weeks sales will be given to the arrangements of my Lola's funeral. You will also receive a FREE small LOVE bow.
Well gotta go, B just woke up from her 2 hour nap! I've missed her! Blessings.

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