Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear Baby B

Dear  19-month–old Brooklynn,
My sweet girl. You are 19 months today. Oh how I love you.
I wanted to capture you on one of our regular, normal days. Yes, I could of dolled you up, but I wanted to remember you; 
you with no pants on, 

you with oatmeal and marker on your shirt,

you with chipped nail polish on your toesies, 

you playing,

and you with the sweetest face that melts my heart every day.

You won’t be able to know the love I have for you until you become a mother yourself and that’s ok. My heart bursts at the seams of love for you.
You have the heart of your daddy: sweet, gentle, passive and loving.
And the mind of your momma: silly, bratty, attitude-ish, and a talker!
The Lord has blessed me tremendously as a momma who can stay home and raise you according to His Will. I’m home with you every day and couldn’t ask for it to be any other way.
You are growing soo fast. I still look at your baby pictures and *smile*. But then I look at you now and I smile even more. 

You bring so much joy to your daddy and I.
You still sleep in our bed. But I love it. I love when you wake up and crawl over to fall back to sleep on me.
You ask to get your teeth brushed more than 3 times a day. Of course, we only brush your teeth twice a day. You can’t swallow that stuff all day long! Even though I know you’d probably like too.
You want your fingers and toes painted whenever you see momma doing the same.
You eat way too many Goldfish, but that would be my fault.
You have a sweet tooth. Just like momma!
You make messes everywhere! Again, my fault.
You growl for lion, gorilla, tiger and bear.
You say the sounds to dog, duck, elephant, monkey and cat.
If I leave the utensil drawer a tad bit open, there you are, right behind me to close it shut. Funny.
You are a fantastic eater! I make, you eat. And our world keeps going.
This is your “cheese” face. Yes, we’re working on that.

You have the hair of a 3 yr old.
You’d spend your whole day outside if I let you.
You hug and kiss me when I ask for it.
You can say: mommy, dada, wo-wo (Lolo), maaaaama(grandma), nana (nina), paaapa (grandpa), hi,
You can sign: water, bath, sleep, apple, banana, sleep, milk but understand a lot more.
You know your: hair, ear, eyes, tongue, nose, belly, hands, feet, belly button, underarm, and “nice buns”.
You dance and sing.
You know where “Jesus” is. And one day, I pray He will be in your heart.
I love you baby girl. Oh do I ever.

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  1. Tear, tear (welled up). Good of you to write these things down! Good job momma!