Monday, June 20, 2011

She has a Daddy who...

Yesterday was Father's Day and I have to say  Brooklynn has thee best daddy in the world!

Mike's first Father's Day picture with Brooklynn.

She has a daddy who will change poppy diapers. {more than me}
She has a daddy who will get up early just so I can sleep an hour longer.
She has a daddy who will take her on errands so I can get things done!
She has a daddy who wipes her boogies,
gives her baths,

dresses her,
naps with her,
takes her to the park,

lets her sleep in our bed,
dances with her,
brushes her hair,
let's her eat cake,

tell her she's beautiful everyday,
wants nothing but the best for her,

kisses her endlessly,
makes time for her mommy,

and loves the Lord.
We {LOVE} you Daddy.

Father's Day 2011.

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