Monday, March 7, 2011

Sewing/Crafting Saturday…

… and Monday
For the past week I had been wanting to make a tote bag to replace Brooklynn’s small little canvas bag that we use for Sunday church and little outings. I only put a diaper and her wipe case and her snacks in there. But it was just getting too small.
I wanted something a tad bit bigger so I can put an extra pair of clothes and her sippy cup. So, I said to myself why not make one? I have a sewing machine and a grip of fabric!
So, there I was, Saturday afternoon, cutting, measuring, and ironing fabric. I was so proud of myself!
This is what the finished product looked like! 
Don’t look too closely, it’s not at all perfect. The ribbon was not on the tote when I was finished it. I knew it was missing something so I just glued the ribbon on. I should’ve thought about it before because then I would’ve sewed it on; but hey it’s my first one!
It fits EVERYTHING I need for her!
I lined the inside with a very soft satin. I love the texture and feel of this bag.
Then I got to thinking, Brooklynn would be absolutely adorable with a little cross-body bag to put her little snacks and her lip gloss (chap stick- she puts it on all the time) in.
So, this was it! She loved it! (ok, ok, I loved it) hehe

I’m gonna have to start making more for her in different prints! Too adorable!! Should I start selling these or what?? I’ll probably put it on my FB Girly Girl Bows & More page and see how it goes!

AAAnnnd, last but not least, these adorable shoes with rosettes!
You see, my sweet girl has an adorable outfit (from Beary Basics) that she was going to wear on Sunday, however, all I had to match this red outfit were these white plain Keds.
An amazing idea popped into my head again! Make rosettes to match  EVERY outfit and just Velcro them on the shoes!!!
How ingenious!
So, first thing first: Grab those plain white shoes!
Put on the “adhesive” Velcro. (These are sold at Jo-ann or Walmart)
Place the other side to the Velcro on the rosette and…
… TADA! You have ADORABLE shoes! I’ll be making a lot more to match her outfits when she has to wears these Keds. 
Too bad I didn’t get a picture of her wearing her outfit!
I’ll just put the same outfit on her again and take a picture. hehe

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