Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Creativity Runs in the Family

What a perfect blog post to start off the month of March!
As some of you readers may know, I am a tad-bit creative and a whole-lot talented, or is it the other way around? Hmmm..well, whatever it is, I LOVE to make things and let my creativity side run wild!
Meet my twin sissy, Kimberly.

NOW, she is a whole-lot creative!! She is the one into scrapbook things, whereas, I am into ribbon and fabric!
I wanted to showcase just a LITTLE bit of her stuff because it’s so darn cute!
Now, a lot of the stuff I am going to show is lovey-dovey because they were all made for her boyfriend Ryan.
Because Ryan still had them, they were readily available for me to take pictures of. Of course, she has made a plethora of other things for other people but obviously I could not take pictures of them.
She does an assortment of cards, frames, scrapbook pages and anything that has to do with paper.
Here are some of her cards.
This one was made for V-day and it was a card with-in a card. Or, really, the gift within the card.
When he pulled out the card, there were gift cards all on it. What a great and cute idea right?

She’s made a variety of birthday cards.

This here is a scrapbook page and she had framed it for him.

I love this one! It’s a plethora of “tags” with various pictures and “song/love quote” that he can interchange whenever he wants! He just takes it out of the ceramic vase and slips it into the vellum front! How ingenious!

These are “mini photo books” that she had made. They showcase only 1 picture for every month of the year. She just made them and had them laminated! Super easy and very affordable.  Cute! Cute! Cute!

One last thing! She makes these wall frames! She’s made them for families, both of my parents and her boyfriends’ parents. She has about every quote and scripture you’ll need for love, family, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma and grandpas and whoever else you might think of!! The perfect gift for any occasion!

Sooo, there it is! A small gallery of what she does on the side. I love her!

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