Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sweet Shower Surprise

Twin Sister is getting married in 3 weeks! 
I'm planning her Bridal shower (which is coming up this Saturday) and I realized, I haven't even posted pics from her 1st shower!
Her sweet friend, and one of her bridesmaid, Brittney, wanted to throw her a little surprise bridal shower.
She lives in Las Vegas and really wanted to do something sweet for Kimie and also get to know all the other girls in the bridal party. 
The only people in attendance were her bridal party, mothers and Ryan's sisters. It was small and quaint and Kimie had a great time. 
We just used my mom's formal table and and decorated a little.
I had hand-painted goblets for each girl with a dress and their name.

 We had some goodies, and had hot chocolate with white chocolate covered marshmallows. mmm

We even played a few games...
Brittney had this really good idea of delegating a specific "room" of the place they'll be living at to each guest. So, on each invitation she sent out, there was a "room" where that person had to get something for that room. 
Example: living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
So everybody was able to get Kimie something different! 
 Living Room
 Living Room
All in all, it was simple, sweet and Kimie deserved it!

Now, it's time finish up the MANY things I have to do for her 2nd shower! 

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