Tuesday, October 4, 2011

26 weeks of the ABC's

My sweet Brooklynn is going to be 2 on the 19th of this month, she is also going to be a big sister! whoo hoo!
So we have goals...big goals before the new baby comes. And they are:
1. Be completely potty-trained (so she can wear her "Dooor-a" panties)
2. Learn each letter of the alphabet and it's sound.

Goal #1 is always being worked on. Potty training is  a slow process. It takes patience and bribes, but we gotta get it done!

Goal #2 just started last week. One letter; one week. Hence, "26 weeks of the ABC's"
Each Monday, she'll learn a new letter, the sound, the "sign" in sign language and a picture of an item that starts with that particular letter.
We make the letter out of construction paper, she glues them on, writes all over it and we put it on our fridge.
Everyday throughout the week, I'll ask her to tell me what the letter is (by pointing to the picture), ask her for the sound, the sign and the picture. And each week is devoted to that particular letter.
When we started with "A", she had a hard time simply saying "A" but since I devoted a whole week to the letter "A" by day 5, she knew how to say it, the sound, when I "signed" it, and different words that start with "A"

Just this past Monday, we created the letter B. I'm telling you, this one was easy for her! Ball is her favorite toy and I told her, her name started with the letter B.
 You can't really tell in the picture, but we have the letter A behind the letter B so when we go over the new letter, she has to tell me the previous letter she learned.
It's true what they say about kids being like sponges! It is so neat to see your child learning and wanting to learn.
24 more weeks to go and ironically, I have 24 more weeks left of this pregnancy. Right on time!
So hopefully, by the end of these 26 weeks, Brooklynn will know every letter in the alphabet, it's sound, the sign and different items for each letter. So exciting!

P.s. This is a typical look at Brooklynn when we are going somewhere. She has to drag with her, her balls, dogs and little stuffed animal. Somethimes she wants to take all these things with her INSIDE the place we're going to. Gotta love it.


  1. Great idea! So funny I'm doing this for the trips too. We're coloring pages of the alphabet along with numbers too. :) Happy Learning.

  2. Love this idea :) Thanks for sharing

  3. Kristin! You are SO BEAUTIFUL! I love your top picture on this blog! So cute! You look like a great mom and one to be soon:)

  4. Thank you Kelsey! So sweet. I made 2 burlap stockings from your blog! :)