Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 lines?? Yes! 2 lines!!

After 8 long, "trying" months and multiple negative pregnancy tests...
I saw this on a sunny and bright Friday morning. 
 It was my own little secret until Friday afternoon when I came back from VBS to tell Mike. 
I did whisper, "mommy is going to have a baby" in Brooklynn's ear when I kissed her goodbye in the morning, but I knew she could keep the secret. {smile}
I had to take another one on Saturday morning just to "confirm" it (quoted by my husband).

Baby number 2 is on it's way, nice and comfy in her/his home for the next 7 1/2 months!
Mike and I have been trying for a baby since December of last year. 
I had my "whole plan" figured out!
I'll get pregnant early January, the baby will be born in October (the same as Brooklynn's) the baby will be a girl, they'll be about 2 years apart, we'll throw birthday parties together, they'll be best friends... and so on and so on.
Well, obviously that didn't happen! The next month came and I said to myself ok, that's ok, they'll just be 25 months apart... I think that'll be good.
Failed again.
Then I started to get really down. Aunt Flow came every month and I started to queston God why?
I know there are many women who have been trying to conceive longer than me, but God, don't you remember {my} plan?? my future {I} wanted?? 
Well, that just about did it! I was convicted! Of course! That was why I wasn't getting pregnant! Because it was all apart of MY big 'ol plan! 
Did I ever ask if it was in God's plan and His will? nope.
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD." Isaiah 55:8
I sunk to my knees and prayed let your will be done. 

And well, here I am today, wanting to shout to you that I AM PREGNANT!
What a blessing it is, to actually experience the grace of God, and experience an answered prayer. All because of a faithful and repentive heart. 
Because this was such great and exciting news, we had to act quick to surprise my mom and dad! I wanted to surprise them with a framed picture of Brooklynn showing she was going to be a big sister.
I sewed my little heart out as I made a skirt and a "big sis" shirt for Brooklynn.

I had my friend, Vikki, [check out her FB page HERE] take pictures of us and with Brooklynn showcasing her new outfit.
The came out great!

I liked them all so much, we framed 4 pictures for them! .
My parents couldn't have been more thrilled. It took my mom a couple seconds to register the "big sis" wording on Brooklynn's shirt, but it was all worth it when I was showered with hugs and the tears that filled our eyes. 
Thank you Jesus for this little blessing of joy. Good comes to those who wait on the LORD.

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